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MB „Krovlada“ is a young, but experienced as well as quality and diligent team of people who are providing warehousing and freight services. Our warehouse is located in Lithuanian railway area with a separate railway branch, therefore it is possible to accept and send custom-controlled and exported cargoes by rail.

Our strong points:

We work on weekends

Warehouse business hours 8:00-17:00 EET on weekdays, but according to needs of customers and advance agreement, we can work on weekends/holidays.


On time prepared documents

Cargo departure documents (CMR, TIR, export / transit declarations, import) are created in advance.

Secured territory

The warehouse territory is supervised by the Vilnius Railway Guards 24 hours a day. Duo to this drivers waiting through night can sleep relaxed.


Both freight and warehousing services are insured by civil liability insurance. If required all goods can be additionally incurred.

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Carefully prepared documents

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